How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Indoor Air

At this point, we all know that smoking isn’t good for your health. You also probably know that breathing in the smoke that comes off of cigarettes, whether or not you’re the one smoking, can be just as dangerous. If you are concerned about the impact of lingering cigarette smoke in your home, or just tired of your home smelling like an ashtray, there are many things you can do to get rid of the smoke and odor.


Let’s take a look at the dangers of secondhand smoke, as well as a few methods you can follow to remove smoke from your indoor air. It’s time to clear the air and start breathing easier once again.

The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is the combined effect of the smoke that comes off the actual end of a cigarette and the smoke that a smoker exhales. While people who smoke don’t necessarily intend to harm those around them, this is what they are doing when they smoke, especially indoors.

Secondhand smoke can contribute to lung cancer, emphysema, and a variety of other illnesses. This is because secondhand smoke contains nearly 4,000 chemical compounds, many of which are known to cause these diseases, clog a person’s airways, and even trigger asthma attacks. Because of these effects, it is essential that you are diligent about controlling the amount of smoke in your home.

Open the Windows

One of the easiest ways to control secondhand smoke in your home is to open up your windows and let in some fresh air. While this cannot get rid of all the smoke in your home completely, it will certainly help. It’s a great start to clearing the smoke from the air, not to mention will immediately remove the noxious odors of cigarette smoke.

If it’s too cold or hot outside to open your windows, then we’d suggest opening a door or window in intervals. This will allow the smoke to clear out, albiet at a much slower rate, but not make as big of an impact on your energy bills. It would also be wise to sit by an open window and blow the smoke outside. This will prevent the vast majority of the smoke from accumulating in your home in the first place. It won’t prevent your home from smelling like smoke, but it will certainly help out.

Use an Air Purifier

Keep in mind that just opening up your doors and windows on a regular basis won’t completely get rid of indoor cigarette smoke. If you smoke or someone that you live with is a smoker, it would be wise to get an air purifier designed to mitigate the smell and effects of secondhand smoke in your home. These purification systems work by pulling indoor air into their them, cleaning it, and then circulating it back into the room. When the air is pulled into the purifier, the harmful particles contained in secondhand smoke are eliminated from the air.

Not only can an air purifier minimize the effects of secondhand smoke in your household, but it can also help control the odors that are often pervasive in the homes of smokers. This is by far the most effective way to cleanse your indoor air of cigarette smoke, as well as many other airborne toxins.

Getting Rid of the Smell

While an air purifier is the most effective way to improve your indoor air quality, there are still other things you can do to get rid of that smokey smell. Secondhand smoke can stick to the walls of your home, the carpets and your curtains. It can and will trap the smell inside of your house. Here are four tips to help you rid of these odors in your home:

  • Remove all of the curtains, sheets, towels and other linens from your home. Wash them thoroughly before putting them back. You can also use a deodorizing product, such as Febreeze, to help mask the smells.
  • Steam clean all of your carpets, as well as add a deodorizing product to the cleansing solution.
  • Sanitize your ceilings, floors, countertops, and other fixtures in your home with a solution of water and bleach.
  • Consider repainting your walls and doors. A fresh coat of paint will help alleviate the lingering odors.

In addition to these strategies, adopt a daily, weekly, and monthly routine to minimize the strong and unique odor of cigarette smoke. This should include things like opening up the doors and windows for a few hours, adding a small amount of vinegar to your washing machine whenever you wash your clothes and linens, regularly vacuuming and steam cleaning your carpets, and spraying all of your furniture down with a deodorizing product.

If you are worried about the impact secondhand smoke is having on your household, not just because of the way it smells but because of the harmful health consequences, using an air purifier, opening up the windows and doors and following these guidelines for eliminating the smell can successfully control the impact of secondhand smoke in your home.

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  1. Calvin Tong says

    Why don’t you just tell smokers to stop smoking, period? If a smoker lives in an apartment building, opening windows or using an air conditioner just create a nuisance to neighbors. This is happening to me right now. If they insist on smoking, keep the residue in their own unit. Bad for health? Too bad. Better them than us.

  2. Mark says

    I agree – because of the toxic impact of both first-hand and second hand smoke, the smoking should be banned in apartment buildings and offices by departments of public health (including smoking near windows). If someone chooses actively destroy their health, it is their choice – but they should not be destroying the health of others.

    • Lorraine says

      I agree they need to ban them in apartments alright if in your one house but not in flats where it rises to neighbours above it is really bad in my flat and it comes in from places I can not block or seal and also the areas I have sealed like in the bathroom. around the sink and bath it is just not helping at all its aa strong as ever I can’t soak in the bath in their steam from water doesn’t really help my allergies and asthma I have no life I’m living with asthma attacks constantly

      I’m at my wit ends I don’t smoke and I don’t want to breath it in in my own home if smoking in their own home is coming into my home too then they should be the ones to sacrifice not be because I can’t actually remove the damaging chemicals not all of them at least that’s coming into my home I can’t not block all gaps there’s just too many it’s a very old apartment and there are places where I can’t block or seal it’s not my flat to say the least and for another living keeping doors closed and barricading yourself into rooms for a whole day in your own home is just not the way to live

      I have a neighbour who plays drums guitars and sings really bad in the living room that is the only room the smoke isn’t as bad in so I’m already pretty much living in a prison already on top with asthma and ptsd it’s a living hell dealing with neighbours who affect my health and breathing in my own home too especially because 3 people I live passed away recently to lung cancer.

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