4 Tips to Minimize Allergy Symptoms While Gardening

Allergies & Flowers

Spring and early summer usher in both gardening and allergy seasons. But avid gardeners don’t have to choose between their hobby and allergy relief. Understanding a bit about how plants contribute to allergy symptoms can help gardeners develop a strategy for having a well-tended garden while … [Read more...]

The Complete Air Purifier Buyer’s Guide

Stop and consider the air around you. Over the years, a few disconcerting facts have become clear: As populations grow and emissions levels rise, air pollution has become a dire issue for city dwellers. In both city and rural communities, airborne allergens can hinder daily life, causing bothersome … [Read more...]

Types of Patio Heaters Explained

During winter months people often find themselves trapped indoors because of the cold. Break the cabin fever and get outdoors sooner with the investment of a patio heater. They are a great way to make your deck, patio or other outdoor space a more desirable during fall and spring months allowing you … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why the IQAir HealthPro Plus has Won Consumers Digest “Best Buy” Award 4 Times

HealthPro Plus

This year marks the fourth time in a row that the IQAir HealthPro Plus has been awarded a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” above all other high-performance air purifiers.  Their five-year warranty, six fan speed selections, and four stages of filtration are stated by the publication to be the model’s … [Read more...]

What Are Gel Fireplaces?

As the name implies, gel fireplaces are fireplaces that use a specialty gel as a source of fuel. This can refer to an existing fireplace that has been modified for gel use, or a fireplace that has been specifically built and installed with gel use in mind. Either way, the use of gel fireplaces … [Read more...]

How to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Indoor Air

At this point, we all know that smoking isn’t good for your health. You also probably know that breathing in the smoke that comes off of cigarettes, whether or not you're the one smoking, can be just as dangerous. If you are concerned about the impact of lingering cigarette smoke in your home, or … [Read more...]

7 Benefits of a Humidifier in the Cold Winter Months

Why Humidify? During the cold winter months, many ailments may become pronounced due to the cold dry air. Even in climates where there is moisture in the outside air, the heating systems in your home and office tend to dry the interior air, which may lead to problems for many. photo … [Read more...]

Should You Rent or Buy a Dehumidifier? A Comparison Guide

A dehumidifier is a sophisticated piece of machinery that may sometimes come with a substantial price tag. A 50-pint unit can run in the range of $300 to $600, while larger capacity units can cost well into the thousands. On the flip side, it costs only 40 to 50 dollars a day to rent a large … [Read more...]

INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Safety Tips For Portable Space Heaters

Winter is here. Along with the lower temperatures outside, comes the high energy cost of keeping you warm inside your home. To help cut these costs, many people turn to portable space heaters to keep them warm. These supplemental heaters work great at keeping you warm, but if used improperly, they … [Read more...]