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FAQs: Air Purifiers

FAQs: Air Purifiers

Wondering if purchasing an air purifier is the right decision for you? Choosing to invest in cleaner air is an important one. Here at AllergyAndAir.com, we try to answer your questions before you even know what to ask. Here are just a few of the most commonly asked air purifier questions we … [Read more...]

Why People in Polluted Areas Should Eat More Broccoli

Why People in Polluted Areas Should Eat More Broccoli

For most health-conscious individuals, airborne pollutants are a serious source of concern. Breathing in polluted air may lead to a wide variety of side effects, from skin irritation to respiratory illness. If you've been subjected to long-term exposure, air pollution may raise the risk of lung … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Allergens in Your Bedroom

How to Reduce Allergens in Your Bedroom

While you may think that allergens only exist outdoors, you might be surprised to find out that your home may be filled with allergy-causing substances. Your bedroom is just one of the rooms in your home where allergens can run rampant, causing a barrage of symptoms including a headache, runny or … [Read more...]

10 Allergy-Fighting Foods You Should Eat More Of This Fall

10 Allergy-Fighting Foods You Should Eat More Of This Fall

While fall is a time for changing leaves and serves as a welcome respite from hot summer temperatures, it is also a troublesome season for people who struggle with allergies. Up to 30 million people in the United States will start sneezing this fall due to allergies. Ragweed, a yellow-flowering … [Read more...]

Types of Patio Heaters Explained

During winter months people often find themselves trapped indoors because of the cold. Break the cabin fever and get outdoors sooner with the investment of a patio heater. They are a great way to make your deck, patio or other outdoor space a more desirable during fall and spring months allowing you … [Read more...]

What Are Gel Fireplaces?

As the name implies, gel fireplaces are fireplaces that use a specialty gel as a source of fuel. This can refer to an existing fireplace that has been modified for gel use, or a fireplace that has been specifically built and installed with gel use in mind. Either way, the use of gel fireplaces … [Read more...]

7 Benefits of a Humidifier in the Cold Winter Months

Why Humidify? During the cold winter months, many ailments may become pronounced due to the cold dry air. Even in climates where there is moisture in the outside air, the heating systems in your home and office tend to dry the interior air, which may lead to problems for many. photo … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of Pet Dander

Families all across the world have pets. They're our family. We live with them, cuddle with them and simply find joy in having them around. My dog has been with me for over ten years now. She's part of my family. There is a very real connection many people have with their pets emotionally. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Control Your Asthma Symptoms

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma, then you're probably already well aware of just how much it can affect your quality of life. From a decreased ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities, to the development of serious health problems, asthma has the power to create a myriad of … [Read more...]

10 Houseplants That Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Today, January 10th, is “Houseplant Appreciation Day”. In honor of this little-known holiday, we wanted to take a closer look at the top ten houseplants that have the ability to naturally improve the air quality in your home. All of these indoor houseplants were analyzed by NASA in 1989. They … [Read more...]

The Hidden Health Dangers of Dust Mites

Although dust mites are tiny creatures, they can cause big trouble for people who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions. These microscopic bugs share living quarters with humans and animals, feeding on the invisible flakes of dead skin that are shed every day. If a dust mite infestation is not … [Read more...]

INFOGRAPHIC: 18 Safety Tips For Portable Space Heaters

Winter is here. Along with the lower temperatures outside, comes the high energy cost of keeping you warm inside your home. To help cut these costs, many people turn to portable space heaters to keep them warm. These supplemental heaters work great at keeping you warm, but if used improperly, they … [Read more...]

How English Ivy Helps Reduce Mold in Your Home

Mold can be a rather pesky part of nature. Whether it shows up as the little fuzzy green growth letting you know it is time to throw out the old bread or the black spots around the pipes in your basement, no one ever really wants to see mold. There are some people who are able to breathe and … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Mold Allergies From Affecting Your Health

Millions of people are affected by mold allergies each year, which is a common form of allergic rhinitis. In fact, the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology estimates that there are over 13 million visits to doctors' offices and hospitals annually, due to allergic rhinitis symptoms or … [Read more...]

What is an Allergy?

It's been estimated that one in five people in the United States suffer from allergy or asthma related symptoms, and that about 55 percent of the population has one or more allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that allergies are so common, the actual cause of them is … [Read more...]